Mission and principles of EuropeanEggDonors.com resource

This online database of European Egg Donors is unique and pioneering to deliver best possible services and offer multiple choices for those who seek their dream Egg Donor.

Our efforts are concentrated to accumulate Egg Donors from Europe and CIS based agencies and clinics and integrate all profiles within one global database.

Our mission is to facilitate the whole procedure of finding and selecting an Egg Donor, allowing registered users to have broader choice of Egg Donors and ability to choose Egg Donor based on a number of crucial criteria.

The resource is also aimed at protecting our users from possible risks when choosing Egg Donor. We guarantee the cooperation with trusted and responsible agencies and clinics that follow high standards of client service, you can always be certain about their professionalism and competence.

Benefits provided to registered users

After your registration is complete you will have the following benefits:

  • receive the access to the database to review and book Egg Donors;
  • support of your personal coordinator who is responsible for the feedback and quality support of your program;
  • have the possibility to create individual request where you can indicate particular social and physical parameters that you wish to see in your candidate, and receive alert as soon as any resembling candidate appears in the database;
  • receive regular alerts to your email about new Egg Donor candidates who join the database.

Costs of Program

All agencies and clinics cooperating with our web-resource adhere to the unified price policy. It means that:

  • you can always be certain about the fact that the cost of your program is formed based on transparent and all-embracing principles, does not imply any hidden expenses. The cost of your program may vary depending on the location of egg pick-up, as well as depending on your individual additional requirements (for example, PGD for sex selection, specific medical tests etc), but in any case full calculation of the total cost will be provided to you in advance, before your program starts;
  • all our services are free of charge for you!

Egg donors travelling abroad

As soon as requests for Egg Donors to travel become more and more often, the following set of rules have been elaborated in order to protect your and Egg Donor's interests:

  • Egg Donor travels with a chaperon from the coordinating agency/clinic. The chaperon provides language and organizational support to Egg Donor, coordinates due following of medical protocol by Egg Donor;
  • all expenses for travelling of Egg Donor are included in the total cost of your program. A coordinating agency also supervises Egg Donor in her stimulation protocol and takes care of all the negotiations with the destination clinic;
  • as a rule, expenses related to the program when Egg Donor travels abroad include the following: receipt of foreign passport (if necessary) and visas for Egg Donor and chaperon, two-way air tickets, booking of hotel of 4****, three meals per day, local transfers in the country of destination;
  • it is possible to arrange that the destination clinic for egg puncture is different than that in our list. You can specifically request that Egg Donor travels to the clinic where you have your coordinating doctor and where you already started your treatment.

Recommendations on using our web-resource

In order to safely and securely plan and execute your program we recommend that you:

  • do not try and set up direct contact with Egg Donor. First of all, a number of European countries prohibit this. Secondly, our database does NOT contain Egg Donors who are not coordinated by any agency or clinic;
  • always request signing of detailed written agreements with the agency/clinic coordinating your Egg Donor, as well as detailed and full payment schedule;
  • do not respond to the offers made on our behalf by our so-called representatives who might suggest you carry out your program without going through our database. Most likely those Ā«representativesĀ» are swindlers. We do not have any representatives, we only work as online database;
  • do not request information for many Egg Donors at once. Most likely those are Egg Donors coordinated by different agencies/clinics. We recommend that you choose the Egg Donor you like the most and contact the coordinating agency. The agency will suggest you some alternative options in case of necessity. This will allow you to save your time and money on working with several different agencies/clinics at a time;
  • address directly your personal coordinator from our web-resource in case any dispute issues arise between you and the agency coordinating the Egg Donor. We will act as a mediator protecting your interests and will take all measures to resolve all dispute issues.