Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an agency or a clinic?

We are not a clinic, neither an agency. Our web resource is independent, we work with multiple agencies and clinics in Europe to accumulate and bring to your attention the most comprehensive and easy-to-browse database of Egg Donors and help you locate the agency or clinic which will fully meet your expectations.

What clinics/agencies you work with?

In order to cooperate with our resource a clinic or an agency submit a special application form and provide us with access to their database of Egg Donors. Currently among our partners are clinics and agencies from Ukraine.

Do I need to pay for registration and using the database?

No, registration on our web resource is free of charge for you. You can register for free and browse the database to find your egg donor candidate.

Who do I communicate with when I’ve found the egg donor I like?

Once you make a booking of an Egg Donor, your personal coordinator will contact you and help you discuss all the issues related to your Egg Donor choice and further steps.

Can egg donors donate at the clinic I work with?

Yes, Egg Donors who are willing to travel abroad for medical procedure can donate at the clinic where you are currently having your treatment. Contact your personal coordinator to learn more.

I want to be sure that I’m legally protected. Do I sign a contract with egg donor?

Each Egg Donor is represented by an agency or a clinic. You will sign contract with the agency or a clinic that will be in charge of the medical procedures and all travel arrangements in case when Egg Donor will need to travel for egg puncture. Direct contact with Egg Donor is allowed only based on the agreement of the lady as the anonymity of Egg Donor is guaranteed by the law.

What are the advantages of working with your database and not directly with an agency or a clinic?

First of all, we represent cumulative and thus bigger database of Egg Donor candidates. We also select best and trusted agencies and clinics with proved reputation and success rates. Last, but not the least, we represent your interests in your negotiations with a clinic or an agency.