Global Database of European Egg Donors

This resource is UNPRECEDENTED as it represents online-based cumulative database of Egg Donors. All Egg Donors in the database are Caucasian (European) type and are available for review and booking after registration.

Information of Egg Donors is provided by egg donation agencies located in Europe and CIS countries and providing full range of services regarding the egg donation programs. Most of all Egg Donors are available to travel abroad for egg donation. The profile of each Egg Donor shows the country of residence of Egg Donor and willingness to travel abroad for medical procedures related to egg donation.

All agencies and clinics representing Egg Donors in this online database are carefully selected based on their high standards of work and unified client service policy.

Full cost of your program depends on the location and other individual requirements. All tems and conditions of your egg donation program are listed in your Egg Donation Agreement that is provided to you prior to the start of your program.

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